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There are three key pieces of printed stationery used at a funeral service:

  1. An Order of Service
  2. Attendance Cards
  3. Memorial Cards & Bookmarks

Choosing to have an Order of Service at your loved one’s funeral is not only a simple way of personalising the service, but they can also be taken away by mourners as a keepsake of the day.

Most feature bespoke designs along with a hymn and readings list, as well as personal messages and, possibly, a photo of your loved one. We’ll help you design it.

Attendance Cards, meanwhile, are a simple way to catalogue who attended the funeral. They are handed out to mourners as they arrive and, once filled in, are placed in a bowl upon departure.

Finally Memorial Cards and Bookmarks act as a keepsake of the funeral, and include the name of your loved one, along with a photo and either a verse, poem or thank you note. Again, members of our staff would hand these out to mourners as they left the funeral.