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We are committed to providing a high­ quality range of memorials, although it is important to bear in mind that some cemeteries and churchyards have restrictions on the type they allow. We can advise you on this.

Once you have considered all the options, skilled stonemasons will work on creating an individual and lasting memorial for you. They are true specialists in cutting, polishing and engraving, and details / wording can be created that reflect your personal requirements.

Types of memorials to consider are as follows:

    1. Lawn Memorials & Headstones (Headstone & base only. Most stone types. Bespoke).
    2. Classic Memorials & Headstones (Full memorials or kerb set design permitted. Smaller versions too. Allows for a greater expression of memorial design).
    3. Kerb Set Memorials (Where permitted, a memorial may cover the full length of the grave giving a wide variety of choice and design).
    4. Cremation Memorials (Vary in size from cemetery to cemetery. Ask us!).
    5. Bespoke Memorials & Headstones (Full bespoke design. Totally unique).