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Aftercare and Knowledge - Children

Be honest!

Children are not stupid, they are just smaller versions of ourselves and tend to see things in a simpler, more innocent way. If someone suddenly ‘disappears’ then you have to find a way of explaining that. Best advice? Be honest.

Generations of the Box family have had children of their own and each and everyone of them has been introduced to the concept of death. Phrases within our family have been things like: “She’s dead sweetheart, not alive. You might not understand what I mean just now but you will when you get a bit older.”

Our comments are always informed by honesty and reality. What we have never done is create an inappropriate world of fantasy that might only serve to confuse.

In the pages within this section you will find information that should help you communicate with young people, about death, more effectively. Again, if you are in doubt, call us and we will always do our best to help. Please contact us on the phone number at the bottom of this page, just scroll down.