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The word étiquette has its origins in 18th century French meaning a ‘list of ceremonial observances of a court’. However, as with so many words, it has taken on a wider meaning over the centuries and can now refer to any number of protocols observed in all aspects of society, no less so than in the world of funeral direction.

Some would argue that étiquette is an old-fashioned word. As we’ve proved, it is! However, it is almost a euphemism for ‘manners’ or ‘respect’ and still has a place when it comes to funerals and cremations.

What we wear and how we conduct ourselves are all about étiquette and, more often than not, it is what we, as funeral directors, are asked about. Can I send flowers? Am I entitled to travel with the chief mourners? Who are the chief mourners? And so on.

In the pages within this section we have again tried to answer some of those étiquette questions. When you have read them we hope you’ll agree that each and everyone of us observes étiquette every day of our lives. It’s just that sometimes we don’t even realise it!