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General Knowledge

It is not every day that an individual has to organise a funeral. That’s why people tend not to know what to do – in any detail – how to behave, what to say or, indeed, how to conduct themselves be it with the bereaved individual or even at the church or crematorium.

That’s why Eric F. Box has produced this ‘General Knowledge’ section to hand-hold you through the process, to kindly educate you if you like. What do you say? How should you behave? What flowers should you buy?

By reviewing this section you will learn some genuine tips, certainly if you are a friend or colleague of the person who’s lost someone dear to them. We will explain the meanings of flowers and which, perhaps, you might want to send, and we outline some of the words and phrases you may well meet during the period following someone’s death.

Information helps educate but, again, if you have any questions or there is something that you don’t understand, call us. We can be contacted on the phone number at the bottom of this page, just scroll down.