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We provide a full, professional, bespoke repatriation service to and from every country in the world. Our service includes making all necessary repatriation arrangements with the family, Coroner, embassy officials, the airline and funeral director. Please contact us if your loved one needs to be repatriated. Meanwhile here are some questions answered:

How long will it take to bring my loved one back to the UK if they die abroad?

One to two weeks after the death.

Will I be able to use the coffin that comes from abroad, for the burial or cremation which takes place in England?

If the coffin is in a decent condition yes, but, ideally, take the advice of your funeral director.

If I am abroad with the person when they die, will I have to return to England with the body?

No – you can fly home after the death has occurred and start to organise the burial or cremation immediately. The body will be returned as soon as all paperwork is in order.

Where will my loved one be flown to in the UK?

Heathrow or Manchester Airport. Once through customs, either we will collect your loved one or the insurance company will deliver your loved one to us.