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Eulogy - Content

The content is entirely up to you, however, a eulogy has to set the scene. Quite often there may be people in the church, or wherever you are gathered, that knew the deceased but, perhaps, didn’t know them in the same way that family members and close relatives did.

For example one gentleman who died had been the national president of an amateur theatrical organisation. Many people knew him in his later years, when he was the ‘statesman’ within the organisation. However, the euology, which was delivered by family, communicated his earlier life, his career and, indeed, some of the musical shows he had been in when a much younger man. Many people were surprised by what they heard! They saw another side to him.

That’s why you should think about including some, if not all, of the following:

  • Birth details.
  • Nick names.
  • Education
  • Where they worked / Military service overview
  • Details about marriage and children
  • Hobbies, favourite pastimes & sporting achievements
  • Community involvement / Clubs/Society memberships.
  • Acknowledge guests who have attended

Paint a picture of a life well lived!