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Burial - Garden

A garden burial can be complex because of the proximity of neighbours. They may be opposed to such a burial so close to their home and, possibly, even be offended by the sight of a coffin or body in such an ‘urban’ setting.

Maybe they fear a reduction in their property price or speculate that future purchasers might not entertain buying a house adjacent to a property with a grave in the back garden? You might do well to take such fears into consideration, if only for the sake of good neighbour relationships.

Two major things should influence this choice of burial:

  • Subject to a special licence, the body could be exhumed by a new property purchaser and re-buried in a cemetery. There are legal means (restrictive covenant) by which you can ensure the grave remains untouched, but this will involve costs and other uncertainties.
  • Secondly, details of the burial(s) will not be officially recorded as it would be in a cemetery. Nonetheless, there is a statutory requirement for the landowner to maintain a register of burials. This can be in the form of a sheet of paper or notebook, preferably with a plan to show the grave location(s). These should be kept somewhere accessible in case the grave is disturbed by building or excavation works at some stage in the future.

Garden burials can be complicated. Need a helping hand? Advice? Let Eric F. Box guide you every step of the way. Please contact us on the phone number at the bottom of this page, just scroll down.