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Burial - Woodland

The human race has become increasingly environmentally conscious and people are aware of how to be environmentally friendly in everyday life – recycling bins at supermarkets, the green and brown bins we have in our driveways, and the millions of pounds spent on advertising to tell us which products are better for the environment than others.

But, when it comes to funerals, individuals are often very uneducated about ‘how’ to be environmentally friendly.

It stands to reason that a person who has looked after the world whilst they were alive, would most probably want to look after it after they’d gone. A woodland burial is a tangible way of expressing such a desire, and involves burial at a site which has been earmarked as natural woodland. Trees and flowers are planted on the grave, and over time the woodland matures. The result is that wildlife benefits and in turn, the cycle of life continues.

It is, without doubt, an environmentally friendly way to have a funeral for a loved one. If that person loved the world and nature, surely it is common sense to have a funeral which reflects a life lived ethically?