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On Water

There was a time when burials at sea were the exclusive preserve of Navy men, but now a growing number of people choose to scatter their loved one’s remains on water with popular choices including the sea, rivers and stretches of water in the Lake District.

You may also wish to note that the Environment Agency does not consider the scattering of cremated remains on water to be detrimental to the environment.

British Waterways also permits the scattering of such remains on its canals and rivers, whilst The Lake District’s Lake Wardens also advise that it is acceptable providing they are put into the water loose and are not in a wooden or plastic urn. Here are some helpful points to consider when scattering remains on water:

  • Cremated remains should be scattered loose and not put in an urn.
  • Personal items should not be put into the water or left on the side of the river or lake.
  • The location of the scattering should not be beside people fishing or swimming or near buildings or marinas.
  • Cremated remains should be scattered as close to the water surface as possible.
  • Be sensitive towards other people and try to choose a secluded area.
  • Across the UK there are a number of companies which provide hire boats so that people can more easily scatter cremated remains on water.

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