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Crematoriums in their own right have become increasingly sophisticated places. People often think in terms of ‘cremation’, the process, if you like, that reduces the body of a loved one to ashes for subsequent interment.

However, the ‘place’ in which this ceremony takes place, is the crematorium. Nowadays they invariably feature hi-tech equipment for things like internet funerals. Decades ago families didn’t move around as they do now, however, with a more transient population people cannot always get to a funeral, certainly if it is in another country.

Crematoriums – normally run by local authorities – have responded to this, becoming increasingly sophisticated in their delivery of this essential service, beaming services across the world courtesy of computers and the Internet.

Crematoriums are calm places, as they should be, but, unlike their early forebears, they are now well thought out and geared up to delivering an experience to families across the world, that is befitting to the loved one they are saying goodbye to.