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Instantly recognisable ‘ceremony’ that is rooted in a particular faith or cultural tradition, can be both helpful and comforting.

Each ceremony is unique and there are many elements that can be included to best remember the person who has died, such as consoling mourners or allowing them to express their grief, whilst also remembering to celebrate the life of the deceased.

Traditionally each ceremony is led by a minister, or equivalent, from the place of worship where the ceremony is taking place.

A funeral service in a C of E church, for example, follows a clear pattern. The focus shifts from Earth to Heaven as the service moves from greeting mourners, to remembering the one who has died, all the while asking for God’s comfort; the Minister then commits your loved one into God’s care.

The service described above is best summed up in the following headings:

  • Entry of the Coffin
  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Readings & Sermon
  • Prayers
  • Commendation, Farewell & Committal

Ceremony can be what you want to make it, although you need to be mindful of the environment in which you are saying farewell to a loved one. Are there any constraints or limits to your imagination? Maybe good taste or legal considerations might need to shape your thinking?

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