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First Steps

First Steps

The death of a loved one can trigger many emotions from an overwhelming sense of loss to personal confusion, distress or even temporary depression.

It can be a difficult time when all you need is a listening ear or a caring arm to see you through one of the most disorientating times of your life. What do you do? Who do you ring? What do you say? What will it cost? Burial or cremation?

The questions will race through your mind and, unless answered by funeral professionals who really know what they are doing then, unanswered, they will merely serve to heighten anxiety. Let the team at Eric F. Box help. We have been serving the community for more than 160 years and there is NOTHING about funeral direction and bereavement that we do not know. We can answer ANY questions you may have and we can answer them RIGHT NOW so we invite you do do one of two things:

  1. Pick up the phone and call us whatever the time of day or night. Someone will answer. Let us help.
  2. Browse this website for as long as you like then CALL US when you’re ready

Eric F. Box offers a 24/7 365 day service. You can call us anytime – even Christmas Day – and someone WILL answer. So please, don’t stress yourself any longer. Pick up the phone and let one of our funeral professionals care for you. The phone number is at the foot of the HOME PAGE