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Tell Us Once

The ‘Tell Us Once’ service is part of a national scheme operated by Register Offices across the UK. It exists to help relatives communicate with multiple agencies, about a bereavement, via one point of contact. In practice it means information can be updated rapidly.

Using the service

This is a free of charge service which you are not required to use, however, if you do, Register Offices notify multiple local and national government agencies on your behalf, saving you the time of having to contact each of them individually. It also means you don’t have to purchase and send copies of the “copy of the entry in the register” to the various organisations.

Who we tell (about your bereavement)

We inform a variety of organisations – far too many to mention here – but it includes things like: Adult services & Attendance Allowance; Blue Badge parking permits; those responsible for Carer’s Allowance, Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit & Children’s Services; Council Housing, Council Tax, Council Tax Benefit & Disability Living Allowance; the DVLA; Electoral services and Employment Support Allowance.

If you would like to hear about the list in its entireity please get in touch with Eric. F. Box Funeral Directors. Our phone numbers are at the foot of the website Home Page.

What you need to take

  • Deceased’s National Insurance Number.
  • Deceased’s surviving husband, wife or civil partner’s National Insurance number.
  • Next of Kin’s National Insurance number.
  • Information about any benefits and services the deceased may have been receiving.
  • Name and address of the person dealing with the estate.
  • Driving licence or driver number if licence not available.
  • Passport or passport number if passport not available.
  • Blue parking badge.

After your appointment

You will be given a letter which tells you your reference number, the departments which have been notified and contact details in case of any query.

Your information is safe

The information you tell the registrar is treated securely.

The organisations that the Registrar informs will use the information to update their records, but only as the law allows.

If you don’t hear from all of the departments we notify

If you have not heard from a department within 28 days, you may contact the Tell us Once telephone service who will follow it up on your behalf.

Due to the secure nature of the information, the Register Office will not be informed of any correspondence between you and the different departments and will, therefore, be unable to contact them on your behalf.