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If you are good at ‘numbers’, accounts, benefit payments or understanding finance generally might be a breeze, however, if numbers are not your natural forte, then potentially you may think you are about to face your worst nightmare as the prospect of sorting out a loved one’s financial affairs falls into your hands. Do not worry!

Nothing is ever as onerous as it may first appear and, in the majority of cases, there are a series of simple hurdles to be crossed; the real trick is tackling them one step at a time!

Within this section there are five sub headings – beginning with Probate and ending with Widowed Parents Allowance (see the drop down menus under ‘financial’) – which will help you deal with some of the key financial challenges that  face you in the weeks ahead. And, if you stray into deep water, panic not, simply call us. The team at Eric F. Box have been helping the bereaved for nigh on two centuries and, trust us, there is no problem that is insurmountable. Simply pick up the phone and ask for help. Don’t stress, just call. The phone numbers are on the website Home Page.