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Why take out a pre paid funeral?

More and more people are choosing to think ahead when it comes to arranging their own, or a family member’s funeral, and there are many different reasons why they choose to pre-arrange and pre-pay this inevitable requirement.

Often it is because individuals are concerned about leaving their family with the worry of arranging a funeral at a time of deep distress. However, above and beyond the financial and emotional considerations, many people now see a PPF as an opportunity to also sit down with close family and friends, to discuss what they’d like to happen in the event of death.

Do your relatives know your preference for burial or cremation? What music might be played at your funeral? Start talking and take away the uncertainty! Some of the core benefits of a Pre Paid Funeral are:

  • Peace of Mind.
  • Done together with family.
  • No time constraints.
  • Reduced impact of price increases (inflation proof / costs fixed at time of purchase).
  • Reduces disputes and eliminates confusion between well-meaning relatives.
  • Bespoke – I will get what I want.