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What Now?

If you’ve had that all important ‘talk’ great; if you haven’t, don’t worry!

Chatting with someone while they are still around is far easier than making assumptions on their behalf when they are no longer with us. However, people had to make ‘assumptions’ for centuries because ‘talking’ in the way we do these days, certainly wasn’t a norm in the past.

Save to say whether it’s ‘had chat’ or ‘didn’t have chat’ Eric F. Box Funeral Directors have been working with families since 1853 so we know a thing or two about what to say, what to do and how best to help bereaved, perhaps even confused or upset, families.

We support relatives and friends as they plan services that are personal and meaningful – services that help families heal by reflecting on the way their loved one changed lives.

Eric F. Box Funeral Directors will guide you, support you and provide resources to help you make quality decisions informed by compassion and care. Whether it is traditional funeral or something totally different, there is always room for personalization. A celebration of life should be as unique as the individual being remembered.